Tired Of Kids’ Tantrums? This Simple Question Will Help You Cope With The Problem!

Tantrums are an inevitable part of upbringing! The outrageous cries of frustrated kids can turn some parents really mad! There are two things which I especially hate about them. First, the reason could be minor, like a spilled milk or a toy lost somewhere in a house. Second, a tantrum in its core is unproductive and even destructive.

Instead of coping with a familiar problem (e.g. going and searching for a toy) or asking for a piece of advice from an adult or looking for a new solution, a child would yield to his or her overwhelming emotions that lead nowhere.


Iakov Filimonov // Shutterstock

I recently read advice, which a psychologist had given to a parent of a 5-year-old, and I ultimately liked it. Here it is:

Is this a big problem, a medium problem, or a small problem?

This simple question will distract your child from their emotions and switch on their rational thinking — the best part of our personalities. Comparisons and classification are what all kids enjoy.

So as soon as your kid learns this simple manipulation with objects, you can begin introducing the more abstract things. Here’s one tip: if your child is still bad at grasping intangible, try some objects, e.g. balls.