Paying Attention To Your Man’s Habits Can Help Avoid An Unhappy Marriage

When thinking about a future partner, we usually contemplate on the positive traits he should have. However, it’s also crucial to know the behaviors that have the potential to ruin a marriage with a most dedicated and patient woman. Here they are:


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He doesn’t trust you and controls every step you make. This is the trait of a very insecure man. You’re wrong if you think you’ll be able to change it. These problems derive from childhood; they can only be solved with a psychologist and only if a person acknowledges them.

He doesn’t keep promises on a regular basis. This proves he doesn’t respect you as a worthy personality!

My Son, My Son

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He thinks he’s God. The world revolves around him, and you’ll always be just a satellite, whose main task is to worship and never demand.

He lies. He won’t stop after tying a knot!

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He hates his family for no particular reason. I mean a man who had an abusive childhood is unlikely to be in good terms with his relatives. However, if there’s no such record, there’s something in him that one day can turn this hate on you and your kids.

Dr Mabuse Part 2

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He is violent. People who beat women rarely change. They need to undergo a course of psychotherapy to deal with this problem. However, the problem is they rarely do, promising to stop instead. Do they stop? No.

That’s it, dear ladies! I hope this article was useful. I sincerely wish that each of you will find the love of your life and build a strong family!