I Was Hard On My 8-Year-Old For Making Math Homework Too Slow, Then She Handed Me The Assignment!

Everyone says schools are too easy on kids nowadays. All my friends claim the assignments are ridiculous and can be solved by much younger children. Well, my experience is totally different.

We have a special program at school. So my Lizzy got acquainted with equations when she was only 6 and with the diameter of a circle at the age of 7.

Today I freaked out because she was doing her homework for too long! Her eyes were sparkling with anger when my 8-year-old: “Why don’t YOU try solving this problem without a calculator?!”


She handed me a piece of paper and, frankly speaking, I got stuck. I was reading it again and again, and I just couldn’t solve the problem.

First, I apologized and said that I should’ve been more patient. Then I simply Googled it, hoping to find the solution and help my child with her homework. Meanwhile, my little beauty wrote something down in her notebook and said: “I’m ready! Let’s go!”

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You haven’t done your math yet,” I replied. Lizzy simply showed her solution. It was simple, logical and beautiful. And I was so ashamed that I couldn’t have got it!



I guess, after all, our children are smarter than we are!