Apple’s New Emoji Aren’t Just Fun, They’re More Inclusive Than Ever

Emoji can be surprisingly fraught and political in nature, so a new wave of emoji can be a lot more than just a frivolous reveal of new pictograms to annoy your friends with. Well, we mean, that is what it is, but there are also more inclusive things too, in the wave of emoji Apple will debut later this year.

The most important emoji, in the sense that people can now see themselves in their texts, is an emoji set featuring a woman wearing a head covering, a breastfeeding emoji, and “dude with beard.” The new crop of smiley faces largely don’t matter, although the pleas of the people (one or two Uproxx writers) have been heard and a vomit emoji shall be delivered to us. Finally, there are, of course, also emoji that have no practical use and will quickly become code for drugs and sex acts according to your aunt on Facebook, like the zombie, the T. Rex, and the zebra.

It’s nice that more people can see themselves in the emoji they’re using, although we’re sure somebody will complain, probably that the Elf emoji (yes, there’s a new elf emoji) isn’t accurate to Tolkien. Fortunately, for those people, the poop and rude gesture emoji aren’t going anywhere.