8-Year-Old Boy Notices The House Is On Fire. First Thing He Does Is Rescue His 11-Month-Old Sister

What’s the first thing you’ll grab if you notice your house is on fire? For most parents, it will be their kids. So, we are super proud of this boy who managed to get his baby sister and himself to safety when their house became engulfed in flames.

8-year-old Harrison Holt managed to get his 11-month-old sister out of harm’s when their home in New Hampshire caught fire on July 23.

The boy’s father, John Holt, recalled that he had parked the lawnmower in the barn after mowing the lawn in their yard. Minutes later, he was shocked to see smoke coming from the room that linked the barn to the house.

New Hampshire Union Leader

New Hampshire Union Leader

John, father to Harrison, Marie, and 5-year-old Patrick, said he immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher. He then called out to his kids to run to safety and call for help.

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John continued to try to put out the fire. Suddenly, he turned around to see that his 8-year-old son had carried his little sister out of the house. What was even more amazing was how calm the boy was as he dialled 911. Harrison was carrying Marie on one hand and holding the phone with the other, talking very clearly with the dispatcher.


New Hampshire Union Leader

The father said:

He was standing there as cool as the other side of the pillow, just chatting with 911.

Harrison was named an honorary member of the fire department as a result of his bravery. He was even given his own real firefighter badge.


New Hampshire Union Leader

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The family has a long road ahead of them in terms of rebuilding. However, Heather, their mum, who was not home at the time of the fire, said her son’s bravery was a very much appreciated silver lining in the whole ordeal.