You Can Get A Free Macchiato At Starbucks This Week

For most of the US, this summer has been fairly mild. But, we still have another month or more left of summer and the temperatures are starting to rise. That means soon you’re probably going to be in search of a way to quench your thirst while also keeping cool. You can chug ice cold water, but water, while keeping you hydrated, won’t give you the pep in your proverbial step that you need to stay awake at your desk after that heavy lunch. If you want to enjoy a cool beverage that will also zap you awake after a long day, head to Starbucks this week — where they’re giving the things away for free. That’s right, a free iced macchiato to make you forget there are still a few more workdays left before the fun days of the “freakin’ weekend”.

The Seattle-based coffee chain is bringing back one of its most popular promotions, “Meet for Macchiatos“. The event, already held once in the spring, allows caffeine fans to get double the fix for one price. From August 3rd until August 7th, stop by your local Starbuck’s and get a free iced (or hot if you’re into that kind of thing) macchiato. But, since there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or coffee), you have to purchase one to get one for free. Everyone likes BOGO, right? Drink them both and get a week’s worth of caffeine or pay it forward and hand one over to someone who looks tired or in need of a pick me up.

Think of this little promo like happy hour for coffee drinkers (similar to its Frappuccino happy hour) because it only lasts from 2 to 5 p.m. Still, you had us at “free (ish) macchiatos.”