Taxi driver in Thailand returns B1m cash to tourist

1 million baht

There are several horror stories of people being ripped off by taxi drivers in Bangkok. Some say taxi drivers charge above minimum rate and won’t take passengers to their destination unless they pay extra. But not all taxi drivers are like that.

Watanabe Tetsuro, 56, a Japanese tourists who left a bag containing 4.7 million yen (1.27 million baht) in cash on the back seat of a taxi he took from Suvarnabhumi airport had the money returned to him by the driver yesterday, Bangkok Post reported

The taxi driver was identified as Prathuan Muenrung, 52, who went to FM 91 Trafficpro, a police radio station in Bangkok to report the bag containing more than a million baht.

Mr Prathuan said the tourist hailed his taxi at Suvarnabhumi airport and travelled to Soi Thanniya, off Silom Road, where he paid his fare and got out, leaving some belongings behind on the back seat.

The driver said he waited a while, expecting the man to return for the forgotten luggage.

When the passenger did not return and another person hailed his taxi, Mr Prathuan contacted the radio station, asking them to help find the Japanese tourist.

Mr Tetsuro thanked Mr Prathuan and rewarded him with 200,000 yen (more than 53,000 baht). He explained he carried so much cash because he did not like to use a credit card, and planned to visit many destinations in Thailand.

Source: Bangkok Post