Woman claiming to be alien-HYBRID reveals how ETs are ‘TAKING OVER EARTH’

ALIENS will take over the Earth by stealth, rather than a full on invasion, and their coup is ALREADY happening, it has shockingly been claimed.


I will be one of the hybrids that will lead mankind into the new age.


Although there is no definite way to prove if someone is an alien-human hybrid, researchers claim to have sussed out a way to test it.UFO blogger and alien hunter Scott C. Waring claims humans know if they have alien DNA as it is a natural animal instinct.

And they may experience deja vu and a lack of connection with the outside world, he suggested.

He said: “Like an animal born with the knowledge of flying south for the winter, it is in you without any reason as to how you got it.

“Then you may be an alien-human hybrid.”

This comes amid claims millions of people in the world have ALIEN blood.

Earlier this year Express.co.uk revealed claims author Miguel Mendonça had interviewed several of the so-called hybrids for his book Meet the Hybrids.

In it some hybrids interviewees claimed to have had metal objects implanted inside them.

But Mr Mendonça said he had decided not to put the subjects of his book through lie detectors, DNA tests or scans to detect for implants, and had taken their claims at face value.