EXCLUSIVE: FIVE UFOs, including red one, seen flying over London in broad daylight

TWO men were left dumbstruck after witnessing FIVE UFOs flying overhead.

The pair were waiting for a wheel to be changed on a car in St Albans, Hertfordshire, when the “UFO fleet” appeared from the direction of London at around 9am.

One of the unnamed men, who managed to film the first three unidentified objects, has filed a report on the sighting for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates such cases.

He said in the report: “I noticed a small light up in the sky coming overhead, it looked just like a satellite and moved at a similar speed.

“I was still curious as it was daylight and I have never seen a satellite pass overhead during daylight so I notified my colleague about the light and he also noticed it passing overhead.

UFO-St Albans-LondonMUFON

Three of the UFOs filmed at St Albans, near London, were filmed

“It was at this moment when I noticed two more lights travelling close to the first light, these two lights were close together and travelling parallel to each other as well as at the same speed, all three lights were moving in roughly the same direction.”

He said his collage also saw the same lights.

He added: “The lights appeared way to small and distant to be any kind of airplane, especially a commercial airliner.

“There was also no noise whatsoever coming from the objects/lights which made me think that they weren’t fighter jets.