Top 12 Most Powerful Cars On The Planet

12 . AUDI R8


This is the fastest, and most powerful car that ever came from Audi. The R8 is simply made to steal the show, and with its angular, sharp lines, and a glass covered engine that screams EXOTIC, this car has an appearance that is extremely hard to miss. Even if you don’t notice it, the roar from the tailpipe will make you turn your head, and you will not be able to look at anything else until it passes. As far as the engine is concerned, and it is on our list mostly because of it, under the hood of this sexy beast lurks an engine (as well as the chassis) that came from the Audi R8 LMS race car. Of course, they had to modify it to be street legal, and you would probably have problems to find the appropriate fuel for it at your local gas station. But, even though it underwent the downsize procedure, it is still pretty mighty, and it is capable of delivering 540 hp in the standard R8 V10 version, while the “slightly” more powerful version, the R8 V10 plus, can produce an output of 610 hp. The stronger engine is a naturally aspirated 5.2 liter high-revving V10 unit, that sounds like thunder when the throttle is floored. We are aware that our list has just begun, and that every following car will come with a higher number of HP, we still have to say that this car is not meant for everybody, and that it is a beast that is hard to control (even though it is equipped with the latest ASF multi-material construction, and an Audi made Quattro AWD system that provides great traction)!





We all know about the famous Rear Drive Vipers that come from the Dodge factory, and a part of that famous family is the SRT Viper, which comes not only with some breath taking sexy body lines, massive rear wing and huge wheels, but with the strongest engine of all Vipers. Under the hood, you will find a is a powerful 8.4 liter V-10 engine, capable of pumping out as much as 645 hp. Thanks to the 600 pound-feet of torque this unit produces, and the RWD, you will be able to burn back tires and make some awesome donuts on the asphalt, and reach the top speed of 206 mph. It can be yours for around $460,000, but you can add $16,000 and buy the limited edition “Time Attack” package, that top speed goes down a bit, 193mph, but the car is more aerodynamic and has additional 200 pounds of downforce



10. MCLAREN 650S


The “Spider”, or if you want to call it by its full name, McLaren 650S, is a very powerful two-seater that is capable of reaching 62mph in just 3 seconds! This rocket-like acceleration is possible thanks to a 3.8 l V8 engine that is capable of producing 648 hp. This model is basically a younger version of the MP4-12C model, but it comes with 25% different parts, which allows it to have 500 ft lbs of torque. The top speed of 124 mph is achievable thanks to the powerful engine obviously, but there is something else that allows this car to go that fast and that is the carbon fiber chassis. This lightweight frame not only allows the car to go insanely fast, but to reach those levels of speed in less time. The price for the base model of this beast is around $265,500, but if you want it to be more sexy, and come with more additional equipment both outside the car and inside, you will have to pay more money.





As always, Ferraris are more a piece of art than cars. And this masterpiece comes with a monstrous engine that holds 651 prancing ponies in its stable. Ferrari FF represents a tourer with 4 seats and 4WD, hence the “FF” marking. When it was first presented to the world, at the Geneva Car Convenction, under the hood it had the largest capacity road-going Ferrari engine ever made in the Ferrari factory. We are talking about the 6.3 l V12 F140 EB engine. We already mentioned that this engine is capable of delivering 651hp, but what we didn’t say is that produces 504 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm, meaning that you need to buckle up when the throttle hits the floor. An interesting fact about this super powerful tourer is that it comes equipped with a 4WD system, which is not a usual thing among tourers. The top speed of the FF model is 208 mph, and  it needs just 3.7 seconds to reach 62 mph. Not bad for a four-seater, right? Only 800 of these were made in the first year of production, and if you want to be a family with an unbelievably powerful and fast car in your garage, you will have to pay around $300,000. It does sound too much for a “Family car”, and that is because it is, but you must have in mind that the Ferrari FF is actually a supercar with 4 seats, and that supercars usually cost much more.





Yeah, we know, it is not the most powerful car on our list, but it looks so damn HOT and heck, even the Batman has one for his time out of the suit. The “Lambo” cars have always been famous for their raw power and finesse, and nothing has changed with the Aventador, except that the design was raised a few levels up, which is actually a great thing, because the “Bull” has never looked better. This “Alien spaceship” comes with almost 700hp behind the driver, and is capable of going up to 217mph! Thanks to its massive 6.5l V12 engine, it goes from 0 to 62mph in only 2.9 seconds. Even though that is a monster of an engine, and has plenty of horses, controlling this beast is not hard, thanks to its perfect design and tons of modern technology that helps the driver get the maximum out of the car, and really enjoy the ride without struggling to keep the car on the road.





This is one of the fastest street legal cars on the planet, even though it isn’t the most powerful one. But nevertheless, it deserves a place on our list thanks to the fact that it has a supercharged 6.2 l HEMI V8 engine under the hood. This engine is capable of pumping out as much as 707 hp, and launching the car from 0 to 62mph in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed of the Hellcat is 204 mph. The best thing about this car, beside the powerful engine is that it comes with a pretty affordable price! Yeah, that’s right, you don’t have to be filthy rich to have one of these in your garage. You need only $59,995 and all that power will be in your hands, the only question is, are you able to control it?





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The Supercar of the year 2012! Thanks to its naturally aspirated 6.3 l Ferrari V12 engine, this powerful beauty is capable of producing 730 hp and 509 lb-ft of torque at 6000 RPM, and reaching speeds over 220mph! From a standing start, this “bullet” reaches 62 mph in 3.1 seconds, and if you don’t take your foot off the throttle after that, it will reach 124 mph in 8.5 seconds. It is just about enough time to take out a cigarette and light it, assuming that you are that good of a driver to go that fast and take your eyes off the road. Some of that power is achieved thanks to reduced weight and a lower center of gravity. This only tells us that power is nothing without control (yes, we know that the line comes from a tire commercial, but it was so appropriate for this situation and we just had to use it). There are a few variations of the Berlinetta model, including the F12 TRS and SP America, but these are more special edition models and are harder to buy than the standard Berlinetta.


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The Lykan Hypersport is a limited production hyper car made by the United Arab Emirates based company known as the “W Motors”, and it is the first supercar made in the Middle East. This company is a result of a collaboration of Italian, French and Syrian engineers, and in 2012 they decided to make it official and make a car manufacturing company of their own, thus the W Motors was born. The Lykan HyperSport has a 3.7 l twin-turbocharged Flat-six engine behind the driver’s seat, and that engine was developed by RUF. This turbocharged beast is capable of delivering 770hp and 708 lb-ft of torque, which allows the car to go as much as 239 mph! The acceleration is also jaw dropping, because it needs only 2.8 seconds to go from a standing start to 62 mph. Unfortunately, the company has decided to build only 7 units, and one has already been sold to the Abu Dhabi police force. This means that it doesn’t pay off to drive fast in Abu Dhabi because there is no way that you can outrun the police. When it comes to the price of the Lykan HyperSport, well, all we can say that the mortals like us will probably never be able to buy one of these, not because there are only 6 cars left for buying, but because of the fact it costs US$3.4 million!


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The most powerful and fastest spyder of them all! It has a naturally-aspirated 4.6 l V8 engine behind the driver’s seat, and this monster is capable of pumping out as much as 609 hp. However, the fun doesn’t stop there, because this car is also equipped with two electric motors that add 279 hp to the overall output. So, in case you are not so good with math, the final number of horses it 888! Yup, it’s a plug-in hybrid car, but not the kind most Eco-lovers drive… However, unlike other supercar hybrids, who are RWD, the Porsche Spyder has a 4WD system, making it probably the easiest to control. The Spyder can hit the 62 mph mark in only 2.2 seconds! Not even enough time to put your seatbelt on… When it comes to the price, the Spyder can be yours for $845,000.



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The Spyder is a hybrid, which means it uses both electric and fuel energy, but this car is all electric and a perfect choice for Eco-lovers. However, usually the person who takes care of the environment drives a car that runs on electricity, looks nice, runs almost silently, is good enough, but has less than 100 hp, right? Well, hold on to your seats planet savers, because this Eco-car has a 903 hp engine in its belly! Now that is some serious power, plus, it doesn’t pollute the planet. Win win situation, and you will definitely win any highway “race” driving one of these. The power of the P1 allows it to reach a top speed of 217 mph, and if that is not fast enough for you, you need to know that when the inhibitor is removed, it can go even faster! From a standing start, this car needs only 2.8 seconds to reach 62 mph, and if you keep your foot on the throttle, it will need additional 13.7 seconds to reach 186 mph. In case you didn’t know, this car is faster than its Formula 1 cousin, the McLaren F1 car. If you are wondering how much does this pleasure cost, we can tell you that you need $1.15 million to own one.



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This model is also known as the Ferrari F150, but it’s official name is (and it sounds much better if you ask us) the Ferrari LaFerarri. The designers of the LaFerrari have kept the same streamlined look that won the hearts of all Ferrari fans. It seems that the trend of Eco-friendly supercars is more and more popular among car manufacturers, because we have another Hybrid on our list. It runs both on electricity and petrol, and has plenty of power to offer! Its powerful 6.3 l V12 petrol engine is capable of producing 800 hp, and it is combined with an electric HY-KERS unit, that adds 160 hp to the equation and short bursts of additional power, resulting with a combined output of 960 HP and
663 lb-ft of torque! This mild-hybrid is capable of going up to 186 mph in just 15 seconds, while the max speed is 217 mph. Price? Well, if you ever find an affordable Ferrari, make sure to let us know, because just like with all other Ferrari models, the price of this one is not meant for mortals… Yeah, it is pretty expensive, and you need $1.4 million to own it, but for that price, you get a hypercar with the ability to go insanely fast and slide through corners like a go-cart!


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And the winner is the Bugatti’s Veyron Super Sport! With an 8.0 l engine that is capable of pumping out as much as 1200 hp, this car has left all the other from our list in a cloud of dust! With its streamlined design, the Veyron Super Sport looks like a lioness with the ability to run fast as a cheetah, a really fast cheetah that is, because it can reach the speed of 252.97 mph. But, all that power and speed doesn’t come cheap, and the price of this amazing car is $2,250,000! Even if you manage to gather that amount of money and buy it, every year you will need around $70,000 for a set of specialized tires that can only be serviced at a shop in France, because not all tires can survive the car’s power and high speeds